Our residential services include all of your household electrical needs, from installing a single power point or lighting fixture to a full electrical fit-out or house rewiring.

Our qualified Perth electricians are experienced in installing lighting, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, TV points, switchboards, data and telephone points, HDMI and USB outlets, hot water systems, Smart wiring and home automation.

We are also able to carry out switchboard upgrades and replacements, LED lighting upgrades and general electrical repairs and maintenance works.

For larger residential jobs we can provide a free comprehensive quote on full electrical fit-outs, house wiring, solar panel installation and air conditioning unit installation.  

We pride ourselves on great workmanship and are competitively priced.

LED Lighting 

Looking to replace your halogen or standard light globes and lower your electricity bill? Our most popular lighting request is for LED upgrades.

We offer advice on the best types of LED lights to suit each room of your home and how to achieve the most energy efficient layout while also modernising your space.

LED lights, once installed, last around eight to 10 times longer than a standard globe, and typically use only 15 per cent of the energy.

Each down light typically costs between $50 to $70 to supply and install, depending on brand and length of cable.

Design & Feature lighting 

Our electricians take great care sourcing and installing feature lighting to match a customer’s design brief.

We can help fit suspension and pendant arrangements, chandeliers, wall and sconce fittings and linear task and track lighting.

Outdoor & deck lighting 

Having a well-illuminated outdoor area allows you to optimise your open spaces effortlessly from day to night.

We offer a range of services to utilise your outdoor space more including the sourcing and installation of patio and deck lighting, landscape and paver lighting, pathway and walkway lamps and entrance lighting.

Our electricians focus on achieving the most energy efficient solution by incorporating LED lighting, and low voltage lighting components – such as dimmers, motion sensors, relays and switches – into your outdoor lighting design.

One of our electricians can work with you to achieve your desired space, or we can carry out the works based on your specifications.

Sensor and security lighting 

A well-illuminated property adds security to the surrounds of your home and helps deter trespassers.

Our electricians can provide expert advice on energy-efficient security lighting solutions, including motion sensor lights, entrance-way lights, flood lights and security lighting.

We can work with you to source, supply, and install your security lighting solution or we can carry out the installation based on your specifications.

Ceiling & exhaust fans

Looking for a cost-efficient way to cool down your house?

Getting your ceiling fans installed by a qualified electrician in essential and often takes about an hour or two to install, per fan, depending on how your house is wired.

Our electricians can supply and install your ceiling fans, and offer advice on whether it should be wall controlled or remote controlled.

Ceiling fan prices start at $100 for install and/or supply of one standard fan.

If you’re noticing your exhaust fan is not filtering moisture out of your wet areas, it is important to have it repaired or replaced to avoid potential moulding and paint damage.

Exhaust fan supply and installation prices start from $150 for one standard fan.

Power points 

Our electricians can provide general purpose 10 AMP power outlets for your household needs both indoor, and outdoor (weather-proofed).

We can also provide bigger power circuits for larger loads with 15 AMP power outlets for machinery or devices that require a higher current.

Fixed pricing for a standard power point outlet starts at $170 and discounts apply for multiple items.

Supply and installation of 15 AMP power points starts from $200 for a single point, but can vary depending on the size and cable required for your circuit. Discounts apply for multiple items.

Further discounts are offered when installing three power points or more or replacing an old power point.

Switches & dimmers

If you are noticing your switches are starting to jam or loosen, or if you would like to replace your old switches with a more modern touch point or dimmer switch, our electricians are able to provide a quote for supply and installation.

Dimmer switches allow you to control the lighting levels in the room, are energy efficient and lengthen the life of your globe.

The most common type of dimmer style is a rotary dial, however we also provide touch dimmers which respond to the touch of your finger, and remote controlled dimmers which are popular for bedrooms or theatre rooms.

We also supply standard switches, or touch-point switches and have a specialised drill that enables us to install switches on an internal single-brick wall without cutting a wire channel into the wall plaster, eliminating the need for a plasterer afterwards.

Our electricians will be able to assess if your lights are compatible with dimmer switches, and if not, can provide a free competitive quote to upgrade your system to allow the popular lighting feature.

Switchboard upgrades and RCDs

If your home is 20 years old or more it is likely you will need a switchboard upgrade, both to meet new government regulations, and to ensure your switchboard and wiring is sufficient to support the needs of your modern household.

Many older switchboards are unable to cope with the range of appliances and devices we use on a daily basis, and can be a serious fire risk.

In 2018, the state government introduced new safety regulations which require circuits leading to your switchboard to be made RCD-protected before you can lease or sell your home.

Our electricians are able to assess your switchboard, or fuse box, and determine if you require an upgrade.

We offer upgrades for a competitive fixed price fee, depending on the size of your home.

As an example, a standard-sized Perth home usually requires a new enclosure and between 8 to 15 circuit protection devices to be installed, which would cost between $900 to $1500. The job takes around four to eight hours to complete and often does not require our electrician to have access to the home.

TV & antenna 

If your television reception seems to be getting worse, it may not be your TV that is to blame, it may be that your home’s antenna simply needs to be switched to digital, or that you need a booster installed.

Our electricians can assess how to improve your signal strength and, if required, can replace your existing antenna with a modern digital-ready HD antenna to ensure you get the best possible resolution on your television for those major sporting events or movie nights in.

We install antennas that are compatible with the harsh Australian sun and come with a 10-year warranty.

We can also install a complimentary TV wall mount if a customer is physically unable to do so.

Phone & data

If you’re considering moving your modem or computer into another room, or want to add additional data points for more direct and faster internet speeds, we can supply and install additional Ethernet outlets (internet outlets) anywhere in your home.

Our electricians also install data points for security systems such as home CCTV.

If you wish to have multiple phone lines around your home, or wish to install a landline at the request of your internet provider, our electricians can supply and install as many as you required.

Air conditioning 

Our electricians are able to assist you with all your residential air conditioning requirements, including your heating and cooling solutions.

We provide the latest technology in air conditioning including touchscreen pads, remote controls, and wireless thermostats.

We understand the importance of individuality as each home requires a different design.

Our team will work with you to create the most energy efficient design that suits your needs while also helping you to get the most out of your system, whether it be a ducted air conditioner, evaporative air conditioner or wall hung split system.

Our experienced team takes pride in a fast, efficient service and we are equipped to get the job done right the first time.

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